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Biserica Buna Vestire - Schitul Maicilor
Biserica Buna Vestire - Schitul Maicilor © Petrescu

Biserica Buna Vestire - Schitul Maicilor


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Str. Ivireanu Antim mitropolit 47 sector 5
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The Monastery of the Mothers is an important historical monument of Bucharest, which was saved from destruction by translation in 1982.

The hermitage was built in 1726 by Tatiana Hagi Dina, a Christian who escaped from Ottoman captivity. The hermitage church, dedicated to the Annunciation, is a remarkable example of post-Brancove architecture.

In 1896, the hermitage was repainted by Ghiță Ionescu from Pitesti and G. Stoenescu. In 1950, Patriarch Justinian consolidated and restored the entire monastic complex, raising it to the rank of Patriarchal Chapel.

In 1982, the new capital systematization projects led to the demolition of the cells that surrounded the church. The church, however, was saved by moving it 245 meters to the east, on Mitropolit Antim Ivireanu street.

In 1995, the church was re-consecrated after a restoration of the painting. Today, the Hermitage of the Mothers is an important place of pilgrimage, where there is a miracle-working icon of the Mother of God.

Brief chronology of the Mothers' Hermitage:
1726: Foundation of the hermitage by Tatiana Hagi Dina
1730: The Hermitage is dedicated to the Metropolis
1805: The hermitage becomes the monastery of the Gypsy Monastery
1865: The hermitage becomes a branch of the church of Saint Nicholas - Alba Postăvari
1896: Repainting of the church
1950: The Hermitage is elevated to the rank of Patriarchal Chapel
1982: Demolition of the cells and relocation of the church
1995: Reconsecration of the church after a restoration
Alex Petrescu
4 years ago



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