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  • Şcoala Centrală de Fete
    Şcoala Centrală de Fete © Alex Petrescu
  • Şcoala Centrală de Fete
    Şcoala Centrală de Fete © Alex Petrescu

Şcoala Centrală de Fete

Architectural Monument

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Str. Icoanei 3-5 sector 2
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Şcoala Centrală de Fete (Central School for Girls) was founded in 1864 by Princess Elena Cuza, wife of the first modern Romanian ruler, Alexandru Ioan Cuza.
It was the first school in Romania specifically for girls and was intended to provide a high-quality education to the daughters of the country's elite.

The school was located in a building on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest and initially offered courses in literature, history, geography, and mathematics.

It was later expanded to include subjects such as natural sciences, music, and physical education.
Many notable women in Romanian history attended Şcoala Centrală de Fete, including Eliza Leonida Zámbra, the first Romanian woman to earn a PhD, and Elena Ghiba Birta, a pioneer of women's rights in Romania.

In 1948, the school was renamed "Liceul Elena Cuza" in honor of its founder.
Today, the school continues to operate as a public high school in Bucharest and is considered one of the top schools in the city.
Alex Petrescu
3 years ago



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