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Biserica Sf. Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena
Biserica Sf. Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena © Alex Petrescu

Biserica Sf. Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena


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Calea Plevnei 30
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With a rich history and hidden in the shadow of time, the Church of Saints Constantine and Elena – Cișmigiu rises as a "beautiful unknown" in the vibrant landscape of Bucharest. Located at the beginning of the Plevna Road, a main artery of the capital, the church discreetly carries its stories since 1785, long before the War of Independence, when the road was called the "Earth Bridge".

Despite its central location, very few passers-by set their sights on this little architectural gem. The interior of the church, bathed in natural light, reveals a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a painting that exudes an almost familial familiarity. The Chronicle whispers to us that "it was the church of the former royal orchard - Livedea Gospod, beyond the former lake of Dura the merchant - today's Cișmigi, that is - built on the site of another older one and had surrounding cells in those days".

Pisania reveals that the church was not built out of a desire for grandeur, but out of the piety and modesty of some ordinary tradesmen of the time - tailors and cobblers - who wanted to leave their mark on time through a humble place of worship, but full of grace The bell tower over the pronaos fell victim to the passage of time, being dismantled due to fragility, and its bells were requisitioned by the Germans during the First World War, melted down to serve less noble purposes.

The testimonies of this almost unknown history are a few small crosses, keepers of the memories of some forgotten souls. They watch over the church, reminding passers-by of its still vibrant, though often overlooked, existence.
Alex Petrescu
4 weeks ago



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