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Biserica Sfinţii Voievozi - Oţetari
Biserica Sfinţii Voievozi - Oţetari © Alex Petrescu

Biserica Sfinţii Voievozi - Oţetari


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Strada Oțetari 4
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Located on the site where originally there was a vineyard of vinegar growers, the Oţetari Church deepens its roots in the history of Bucharest since 1680-1681, when, under the rule of Şerban Vodă Cantacuzino, a small wooden church was built. Over time, the place of worship has undergone numerous transformations, undergoing two major reconstructions, during the reigns of Constantin Brâncoveanu and Constantin Mavrocordat, and an extensive restoration in the period 1860-1866, under the patronage of Metropolitan Nifon.

The mural of the church, made by the famous artist Gheorghe Tattarescu, is a highlight of his artistic heritage. Executed in oil on a layer of plaster of paris, the painting stands out for the strength of the drawing, the sober architecture of the compositions, the impeccable chiaroscuro technique, and the impression of spaciousness and depth.

The recent restoration, carried out between 2004 and 2006, ensured the repair of degradations and the cleaning of dust and smoke stratifications, restoring the mural to its original brilliance.

In addition to the mural painting, the OȘetari Church also houses a number of valuable objects, donated over the centuries by various founders. Among them, there is an epitaph of the Savior, embroidered in thread, from 1793, an imperial icon forged in silver, from 1803, two icons from 1804, the church's stained glass windows, dating from 1909, and the exterior mosaic medallions, executed by the painter Eugen Profeta.
Alex Petrescu
4 weeks ago



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