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Casa Dimitrie Bolintineanu
Casa Dimitrie Bolintineanu © Alex Petrescu

Casa Dimitrie Bolintineanu

Architectural Monument

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Strada Negustori 16
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Dimitrie Bolintineanu (1819-1872) was a Romanian poet, playwright, translator, politician and diplomat. He was born in Bolintin-Vale, Romania, and died in Bucharest.

Bolintineanu was one of the most important representatives of romanticism in Romanian literature. He debuted in 1842 with the poem "A young woman on the deathbed", which was praised by Ion Heliade Radulescu and played an important role in his literary career. Bolintineanu wrote poems, ballads, fairy tales and satires, and among his significant works are the collection "Maenads" and the volume "Plangerile Romaniaiei".

During the time he lived in a house with a generous garden on Negustori street, Bolintineanu was seriously ill and poor, and he gave up work to manage only on an insufficient pension. The slim rooms of the historic villa sheltered an artist who saw his personal items raffled off. In 1871, George Sion had the initiative to organize a lottery with these personal items of Bolintineanu, and in 1872, after the lottery was drawn, the poet died.
Alex Petrescu
4 weeks ago



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