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Hanul Gabroveni
Hanul Gabroveni © Alex Petrescu

Hanul Gabroveni

Architectural Monument

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Str. Lipscani 86-88 sector 3
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The Hagi Tudorache Inn was built in the first part of the 19th century, after the earthquake of 1802. It was an important inn for trade in Bucharest, with shops selling lace, embroidery, jewelry and other products. In 1847, the inn was destroyed by a fire, but was rebuilt by the sons of Tudor Hagi Tudorache.

Around 1870, the inn was sold to Solomon Ascher, who renamed it the Commercial Passage. Ascher raised the building one story and fitted it out with shops and offices.

In 1955, the Commercial Passage was nationalized by the communist regime and became the property of CENTROCOOP.

During the communist period, both the Hagi Tudorache Inn and the Gabroveni Inn were left in disrepair. In 2009, ARCUB started a project to restore the Commercial Passage, which was completed in 2014. The building was transformed into Bucharest's cultural platform, with a performance hall, exhibition and conference rooms.
Alex Petrescu
3 years ago



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