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Banca Naţională A României (Corp Nou)
Banca Naţională A României (Corp Nou) © Alex Petrescu

Banca Naţională A României (Corp Nou)

Architectural Monument

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Str. Doamnei 6-10 sector 3
first half of cent. XX
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The National Bank of Romania (BNR) is the central bank of Romania. The headquarters of the BNR is located in Bucharest, in a building known as the Palace of the National Bank of Romania.

The building was designed by the French architect Paul Gottereau, and it was built between 1884 and 1890. It is an example of neoclassical architecture, and it is considered one of the most important historical landmarks in Bucharest.

The building has a rectangular shape and is divided into three sections: the main section, which is located in the center of the building and contains the main entrance, the lobby, and the auditorium; and two lateral sections, which contain the offices and the residential quarters for the employees of the BNR.

The main entrance of the building is decorated with a large portico supported by six Corinthian columns. The interior of the building is richly decorated, with marble floors, frescoes, and sculptures.

The BNR building has played a significant role in the history of Romania. It was used as a venue for important events, such as the signing of the treaty that established the Kingdom of Romania in 1881, and it has also served as the headquarters of the central bank since its inception in 1880.
Alex Petrescu
4 years ago



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