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Mănăstirea Duminica Sfinților Români


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The Sunday Monastery of the Romanian Saints is an important place of Orthodox worship in Bucharest, built in memory of Patriarch Teoctist Arăpaşu. The monastery is endowed with a special architecture, in Brancoven style, and with an impressive interior painting.

Founded in 2006 by Patriarch Teoctist Arăpaşu, dedicated to the Sunday of the Romanian Saints.

It was built on the site where, in the years 1987-1989, a building of the Workshops of the Biblical and Mission Institute of the Romanian Orthodox Church, designed by Patriarch Iustin Moisescu, was erected.

With the construction of the church and the foundation of the monastery, the hearth of the Mothers' Hermitage Monastery was moved to this place.

The church has a cruciform plan, with a ground floor and a basement and is built in the style of Brancovene churches. It has a total length of 31.5 meters and a width of 8.65 meters. The main spire is 31.5 meters high. The windows are narrow and elongated, with stone-carved frames. The interior is painted in the fresco technique.

The monastery is endowed with the parts of the holy relics of St. Ap. Andrew, St. M. Mc. Gheorghe, St. Jer. Dionysius bishop of Mediolan and St. Jer. Ambrose, bishop of Mediolan.

In 2008, the monastery received a second patron, that of Cuv. Teoctist of Palestine.
Alex Petrescu
3 years ago



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