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  • Codrii de Aramă
    Codrii de Aramă © Alex Petrescu

Codrii de Aramă


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The "Codrii de Aramă" forest reserve is located on the Fitiorul hill, 1 km north of the Văratec monastery, at an altitude of 550-650 m, and occupies an area of ​​9.4 ha. This is a 130 year old gorun forest.

About 600 m to the southeast of this reserve is the "Pădurea de Argint" reserve, located at an altitude of 510 m and consisting only of birch trees, which are almost 100 years old. Both reserves are protected and declared natural monuments due to their scientific and dendrological value, as well as in memory of the poet M. Eminescu and the painter N. Grigorescu, who were inspired by these places.

Source: Parks and nature reserves from Romania, Gheorghe Mohan, Aurel Ardelean, Victor Bortaș ed. Victor B. Victor, 2006
Alex Petrescu
4 years ago



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