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Biserica Sf. Nicolae- Geartoglu
Biserica Sf. Nicolae- Geartoglu © Petrescu

Biserica Sf. Nicolae- Geartoglu


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Str. Stelea 17
cent. XIV-XV, rebuilt 1638, 1712, 1787, cent. XIX, restaurare 2004
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The edifice is built over an old wooden church at the end of XIV century and the beginning of XV century. The east side was made in the sixteenth century and the west side was completed with a steeple tower, according to the inscription of Matei Basarab(1632-1654) from 1640.

During the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu(1688- 1714), Paschalion - magistrate of Targoviste, remakes the church, and Paschalion's son Andronache, dedicates it to Hurezu Monastery. After a serious fire in 1712, the church falls into ruin. After 1777 is repaired by the servant Gheorghe Geanolu which bought the houses around the church.

In 1821, in Geanolu's houses was established a greek commandment of Alexander Ipsilanti, and in St. Nicholas church was imprisoned Tudor Vladimirescu, before being taken to the Metropolitan church and killed. In the same year, the church was robbed and partially destroyed by the reprisals released by the ottoman army.

The landowner Nichita Formac covers and paints the church in 1828, and the craftsmen Hagi Avram and Luca repaint it in 1860.

In the years of Second World War, the Commission of Historical Monuments granted funds for conservation and protection of the church. After an earthquake the church remains a ruin until the 90s, when it is introduced in the National Restoration Program of the Ministry of Culture.

With the financial support of European Commission -PHARE funds and the Romanian Government was done the project: "Restoration, arrangement and systematization-St. Nicholas Geartoglu Church". The protectors of the church are Saint Nicholas and Saint Spiridon.
Alex Petrescu
4 years ago



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